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Goldmine International, Together We Grow:

All you have ever dreamed:

Welcome to Gold Mine International. GMI helps you build a profitable home based business. Currently, there's a vast amount of interest in work at home programs, so now is the time to get in and start building your business.

In GMI, the work you do now will provide residual income for you and your family for years to come. Once you've chosen a business plan, you'll need to promote it. Please feel free to use the resources on this site and good luck with your business.

Goldmine International had been started its gold business since 1945 through traditional marketing. Goldmine International had been launched its network marketing business since Feb 11th, 2000. Currently, working in 138 countries with excellent record. There is no working boundry (country, region) to take business. It is worldwide business without any limit or restrictions. Lets join GMI family without any delay.

If you're looking for an honest online business opportunity, GMI is the best choice. For more details of GMI Plans click on  Plan name.

  • 2/2 Plan Presentation
  • 3/3 A Plan Presentation
  • 3/3 B Plan Presentation
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    Goldmine International Registration:

    1. Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP.).

    2. Federal Board Of Revenue Pakistan (FBR.) NTN# 3287957.

    3. Norway Business Registration Certificate. 

    4. Verisign Secured Seal Verification. 

    5. Registration in United Kingdom.


    Goldmine International Prospect's Form:
    Fill your pesonal profile details of given GMI's Prospect Form to join Goldmine International though my referance and introducer. And according to your selected GMI Plan send money; Plan 2/2: 130$ or Plan 3/3A: 85$ or Plan 3/3B: 30$ by Western Union, Money Gram, Easy Paisa & Alertpay (Click following Alertpay Buy Button to pay 100$ (only 3/3A) through Alertpay.)to following adress:
    CELL: 0092-3456889037
    A/C# 6547-9, National Bank Of Pakistan, Branch Code: 1845

    Sign up Goldmine Int. through Credit card option is available now.

    Grab Goldmine for lifetime.                                                                                      
    Joining 85$, 130$, 220$ (Plan 3/3A, 2/2, 1/1) respectively. (Additional charges apply vary to country vise.)
    12 years of excellent Network marketing in 138 countries.
    Get gold product with home delivery services.
    Sign up though all major Credit cards.
    Earn 450$ even 21000$ daily.

    Get spill over and spill under up to infinity level.
    Fill Introducer & Ref; GA: Chakmal  &  GAID: PK-566899
    Click right to place your desire position.

    Cell: 0092-345-6889037, Skype ID: chakmal71

    First name:
    Last name:
    Date Of Birth
    National ID
    Mother Name
    Address 1:
    Address 2:
    Zip code:
    Email address:
    GMI Plans?
    MTCN/Easy Paisa/Comments

    Differnent Comments/Presentations:
    Today i am here t o tell me all friends about GMI the Gold Mine International.It's besically a company of Norway which makes gold products,from year Feb 11th, 2000 it started a new marketing buissness.You simply have to signup from 70$ pakistani 6100 PKR.It's not registration fees ,it just register you in there company then in future you can buy a gold product from your saving money or you can give 10$ extra for delivery charges and get 18 carat Gold Watch in 20 days after sign up.

    It's a simple invesment for student and a little amout but it can give you more then even you can't imagin.Alot of Students of  are doing this little buissness in side work because they dosnt have to do anything.

    After Sign up you just have to sign up two more persons unders you and you will get 30$ in your GMI Account 100% guarented.You can cash it anytime in 24 hour,after those person who did sign up under you when they will signup two more persons under them on ur left and right so they will get 30$ and you will get 60$ in your account.

    Friends first i also thought it's fake but when i did signup,i earned alot & alot of money. Once again it's a great oppoturnity for students and side work without even do any kind of computer work or hard work.

    Whatever you think just call or sms for your satisfaction



    ... I had a good look; However that "wana be" innovation is creative and drives a nation without it we would be stagnant as the book by TP. written in a time people built there own homes and carried muscats. His book also prometed,"Deism"; Deists typically reject supernatural events such as prophecy and miracles, tending to assert that God (or "The Supreme Architect") has a plan for the universe that is not to be altered by intervention in the affairs of human life. Deists believe in the existence of God without any reliance on revealed religion, religious authority or holy books.In apamphlet he wrote Agrarian justice he promoted Guaranteed minimum income (GMI) a system of social welfare provision that guarantees that all citizens or families have an income sufficient to live on, provided they meet certain conditions. Eligibility is typically determined by citizenship, a means test and either availability for the labour market or a willingness to perform community services. The primary goal of a guaranteed minimum income is to combat poverty. ... See MoreIf citizenship is the only requirement, the system turns into a basic income guarantee.I see no industry jumping at social welfare and guarantees income TP states a basic income is granted independent of other income (including salaries) and wealth, with no other requirement than citizenship. This is a special case of GMI, based on additional ideologies and/or goals. While most modern countries have some form of guaranteed minimum income, a basic income is rare.A basic income is a proposed system of social security, that periodically provides each citizen with a sum of money that is sufficient to live on. Except for citizenship, a basic income is entirely unconditional. There is no means test; the richest as well as the poorest citizens would receive it.A basic income is often proposed in the form of a citizen's dividend (a transfer) or a negative income tax (a guarantee). A basic income less than the social minimum is referred to as a partial basic income. A worldwide basic income, typically including income redistribution between nations, is known as a global basic income.Even this man who lived centuries ago saw the need for social justice.American revolutionary Thomas Paine advocated a basic income guarantee to all US citizens. Now we face a group of gentlemen and gentlewomen who want to change the constitution. They say it needs revision we need a balanced budget act. Can you imagine wanting to change the Constitution of The United States of America. It worked so far so anybody can just walk up and put in an amemdment and change our heritage.

    GMI Urdu Presentation:    









    Goldmine International, Together we can grow.
    I'm so glad you are intresting in to get financial freedom.

    Goldmine International unique system is tried and trusted. Every day hundreds, thousands….  of people join.

    They join because they trust us and have a dream for personal and financial success.

    Be JoinToday Goldmine International an earning opportunity like no other.

    We have unique idea to unexpected earing that give you a motivational boost to help you succeed in an area of life. These are not long time worked, never delay in commission or payout. This unique system not only encourage or inspire you but also encourge and inspire to every one to become millionare. You received gold motivatinal step reward instantly when you will join only two(1L/1R) members.

    We have more offers and services such as GTVs (Gold Travel Vouchers), Domestic offers from GMI Leaders, Direct Step Reward etc. You can view these in Announcements. These help you release your potential and become all you can be.

    But to help you create FINANCIAL FREEDOM we have applied a system whereby Goldmine International pay you down many generations for referring our products, services and opportunity to others.

    This is an unique idea. It is a well-known, excellent and very popular system and company of rewarding members in literally thousands of companies around the world.

    You'll learn all about earning tips, training and demonstration when you view  our website. or read the detailed presentation in Urdu and English, "How to Create Guaranteed Minimum Income!"

    We have published many presentations, tips and  keys to create a system for you that takes the hard work out of creating wealth.

    We have suggested a unique system that helps you join for a small price 70$ and as you are promoted in the company you will benefit more from members of the company and so earn more without having to pay more.

    This unique system attracts more members than any other, because you can start with a low price 70$ for life time, yet after working consistently, you will be promoted and receive more products and services and earn more money - all of it PASSIVE INCOME.

    Is this a get rich quick opportunity?

    NO, it is a get-rich-slow system. There is no such thing as get-rich-quick.

    Our system is honest and ethical. There is work involved.
    We guarantee that you will earn a passive income, if you do the work.

    We guarantee it. But you must be prepared to work for the financial freedom you long for.

    If you are prepared to invest time and work to create the financial freedom you desire, then join us.

    We want to help you and empower you to be more than you are.

    But here's the choice you must make.

    You either work for a boss for the rest of your life or you start in a system that will help you to fire your boss in 1 to 5 years.

    Millions of  members are using Goldmine Internatinal system to fire their bosses. Many have already. Why don't you become one of them?

    Many started with this system before one year. Within one year they were earning enough to retire. Now they are just working because they are committed to helping more people achieve what they have.

    They'd love to help you too.

    I'm sure you don't have time and money to waste, on systems that don't work. Well GMI system does.

    It is working for respected professional, company presidents, stay-at-home moms, pensioners and ordinary people.

    If you want to:

    • Become debt-free
    • Buy those extras every month
    • Become a stay-at-home Mom
    • Enjoy international holidays
    • Pay for your children's education
    • Have money at the end of the week/month/year.
    • Afford some luxuries and spoil yourself
    • Secure your retirement
    • Pursue your passion without being hindered by the lack of finances
    • Quit your job and start a business in your field of expertise without financial risk
    • Buy a new home, car or go on that dream holiday

    We have a plan that works.

    Join us.


    Yes! I want financial freedom!


    I look forward to helping you create wealth.

    Kind Regards

    Motivator & GMI Leader – Chaudhry Muhammad Akmal



    Goldmine International (GMI) Introduction:

    Welcome to Gold Mine International. GMI helps you build a profitable home based business through Network Marketing. Currently, there's a vast amount of interest in work at home programs , there are many Network Marketing companies, so now is the time to get in and start building your business.


    In GMI, the work you do (Network Marketing) now will provide residual income for you and your family for years to come. Once you've chosen a business plan, you'll need to promote it. Please feel free to use the resources on this site and good luck with your business.


    If you're looking for an honest online business opportunity, or if you are looking for the best Network Marketing company .. GMI is the best choice.


    It's a norway based company doing Network Marketing since Feb 2000. That means GMI is working for the last 10 years.. Gmi is giving the opportunity to earn $450 a day , No matter wherever you live , No matter whatever you do.All we need to do is 'Network Marketing' for the company. First of all , lets see an overview of Network Marketing and later we will discuss about the company.





    Goldmine International (GMI)


    GMI is a Norway Based Company that started doing Network Marketing in February 2000.

    GMI has Gold Products that range from $300 - $3000 (Gold Coins , Jewleries , Watches etc). GMI says that if you want to earn $450 per day , all you have to do to start is pay $60. Now,this $60 is not a registration or membership fees or any investment , its a simple partial payment for any of the Gold product of the company. Or , Another option you have is to purchase an instant 18 Gold Plated Wrist Watch , but for this you have to pay extra $10 for shipping charges.This is the first and the last payment you will be paying from your pocket to GMI because there's neither Renewal charges nor Expiration date.


    Getting Started..

    Lets see how to make money from the business ..?

    The plan that we are using is 3/3. What is 3/3?

    For example , You join the business and you have 2 hands to work. Left and the Right.The company allows you to do Network Marketing to two of your friends or relatives or anyone you'd like to refer,after they sign up to the business all they have to do is same (to refer it to two more people as u did). now 3 people on your left side and 3 people on your right side, company pays you $30. This 3/3 is company's forever plan.

    Whenever 3 new entires on the right side and 3 on the left side , company pays you $30. And the company does not care who introduce these 6 people, may be you introduced one of them, may be you introduced all 6 people, it does'nt matter to the company,what the company cares is you have 3 on the right side and 3 on the left side, you'll recieve $30 to your commission.


    Gold Motivation Step (GMS):

    The company's slogan is 'Together We Grow' Company understands it that it takes alot time for one to let 6 people to join the business So,how about this .. that you only let 2 people join the business that means 1/1 and company pays you ?? Yes ! that means company pays you on 1/1 Only. The commission on 1/1 must only be $10 but company pays you all $30 on 1/1 and this step is called the 'Gold Motivation Step' (GMS) basically to give you more motivations to continue your business.This is the first and the last time that company pays $30 on 1/1. After this, the company's plan continues forever which is 3/3=$30.


    What Can You Do..??

    Now i ask you that your target is $450/day income .. right? which is really handsome and hard to earn from any business.I ask you that how much work you should do to achieve your goal of $450 a day? I know you are thinking that you really have to work hard.Lets consider ,After you sign up you have 1 month (30 days) to work and your target is $450 a day, how many friends or relatives you can sign-up with you? The normal answer is 5-10. Now,I tell you a figure , if you think you can do this then, for sure you will be successfull in GMI, if you think that the figure is so big, then i suggest you not to join us. The figure is "2", Yes! If you let only 2 people join the business within 30 days (Remember, there is no Deadline given by the company, this is only projective calculation) then .That means ,all you have to do is just complete your GMS (Gold Motivation Step 1/1) in 30 days and after this , let you downliners do the same,you have to help them , that means your downliners also have 1 month to work and they also have to complete their GMS and i name this plan as 'Projective or Binary Plan' If you follow the Binary plan then you are surely going to earn $450/day in an year. I am describing it below..


    Projective Plan (Binary Plan):

    If you refer the business to two of your friends or two of your relatives and let them within 30 days (1 month), and after this help your downline to do the same, that means they also have to complete their 1/1 in 30 days, according to our this projection plan see below the total downline and earning of 1 year ..






    1/1 = 2 (New Signups)



    2/2 = 4 (New Signups)

    $0 (2/2 Unpaid)


    4/4 = 8 (New Signups)



    8/8 = 16 (New Signups)

    $60 (2/2 Unpaid)


    16/16 = 32 (New Signups)



    32/32 = 64 (New Signups)

    $300 (2/2 Unpaid)


    64/64 = 128 (New Signups)



    128/128 = 256 (New Signups)

    $1,260 (2/2 Unpaid)


    256/256 = 512 (New Signups)



    512/512 = 1024 (New Signups)

    $5,100 (2/2 Unpaid)


    1024/1024 = 2048 (New Signups)




    Total Months= 12

    2048/2048 = 4096 (New Signups)


    Total Downline= 8190

    $20,460 (2/2 Unpaid)


    Till Date Income= $40,950


    Look at your earnings ..! $40,950 in 1 year .. is'nt that huge income ?? This is what Binary Plan all about.See how easy and simple is that? Now, after this .. how about $450 a day ?


    Now.. How To Earn $450 Per Day :

    You have seen the figure of your downline in 1 year, if everyone follow the simple and easy projective plan (1/1 in 30days). Your total downline is 8190, lets take a round figure 8000,that means 4000L/4000R. Now what do you think that how much people are working and how much people are not working?? Remember that "when you are earning that means your downliners are also earning", even then lets take a very minimum figure of working people. Lets consider that only 5% are working on daily bases and 95% has stopped working. 5% of 4000/4000 is equals to 200 new signups on Right Side and 200 new signups on Left Side a day.That means your commission for that day is $2,000. But the maximum amount you can earn from 1 account is $450 and the remaining $1550 will go in company's account. (45/45 Signups = $450 which is the maximum commission of a day).


    Gold Vouchers (GVs) :

    Company says that the first commission (1/1=$30), you will receive the cash, second commission (3/3=$30) also cash , as well as the third and the forth commission.However the fifth commission .. you will not receive the cash but it goes into the Gold Vouchers(GVs) Account.Ok, Your $30 of fifth commision in Gold Vouchers Account and this Gold Voucher account is used to purchase most expensive products of the company.And similarly the sixth,seventh,eighth,ninth commission you receive the cash and the tenth commission goes into the GVs account.That means Every fifth commission will go into the GV's account and when the GVs income reaches $300 or more, we have to buy any product from the company and its a continous process .. every fifth commission goes into the GVs account and we continue to buy products from the company.Now, do you remember you paid $60 to join the business ? that is also deposited into the GV's account.



    Now You Have Seen that Goldmine International is the best business to do for anyone,from anywhere.We can earn handsome amount of money from GMI and it is the only source to have Expensive Gold Products.And it is proved that Goldmine International (GMI) is one of the best Network Marketing company . We (GMI customers) have successers who has changed their life styles through GMI,we have the support,we have the seniors,we have the platform. In my team,We are helping each other to pass the journey towards success and also Our Team is committed to ~Your Success~Its Our Duty To Help And Support You To Be Successful and Fulfill Your Aims & Dreams..Hold our hand and Lets Go With Us.

    GMI Introduction


    Gold Mine International is "A key to financial freedom" who offers Business opportunities in an untraditional way.
    "We do great because of our customers" ...GMI
    "We do great because of the flexibilities in GMI systems" ...CUSTOMERS


    Would You Like To...
    Spend Your Time Doing What You Really Want To Do
    In LIFE ?

    Make Money with
    Your Own Home Based Business
    Now you can achieve Financial Independence and build a realistic residual income,
    Regardless of your Age, Education, Professional background or 
    Your Current Financial Status

    Do you want to take advantage of it ?

    Do you have the power? Are you ready to work hard? Do you want to work from Home? Do you want to be your own Boss? Do you want to earn Residual Income, Eliminate debt and Financial anxiety? Do you want to live your Dream Life in Reality?

    It is Possible !

    Yes many people make money with GMI, and you can too !
    Its all up to YOU...

    A Proven, Mind-Numbing, Easy-to-Follow System That Could Easily Transform YOUR Life! Work Less, Make More Easy-to-Duplicate, Battle-Tested Techniques That Offer You The Ability to Create Unrivalled Wealth For YOU In Short Period of  Time!

    Mind-blowing system

    Your desire!

    GMI strongly believes that every person on this earth has a right to have a financial freedom. We  help them making this dream come true through Our Gold Reward Program (GRP).

    Your Dreams!

    Dream the ideal life.  What did you dream?  How are you going to fulfill it? GMI helps you find the authentic life you have been waiting for your whole life. Most people have goals that they have been recycling or that mirror the goals of their parents, society or Madison Avenue. Choosing the right goals for you is an art. Value-based goals are naturally motivating, but it takes first step towards achieving them, So Take Your First Step To Be A Millionaire.
    GMI  helps you achieving your personal goals and dreams.  Make a decision! choose a right Gold plan and achieve your dreams.

    This is the uniqueness of GMI - We really help people to fulfill their dreams.

    Importance of Team in GMI:

    Leadership is the goal in network marketing, but are you teaching those same leadership skills to your team? People love the fact that they have a strong leader in their circle, people look at your every move. People can identify whether or not you're capable of helping them by the way that you display yourself. A strong network marketing team always help and support you to be succesful achieve the goal you have.


    But the question is .. If you want to join the business then Why With Our Team Only?


    Importance of 'Our Team' in GMI:


    Our team has much importance in GMI because of our humble and friendly behaviour (Specially our team Leader Sir Nehal Siraj) is very much friedly and has unique character, and he was the man who presented this outstanding business to me, His way to present the business is quite outstanding and i feel lucky to be the part of his team. In our team we almost have the members of every age and they all are hard working and want to achieve their goal thats the reason why we are getting bigger and bigger in numbers , each n every day .. people are coming towards us who want to be succesfull , we all are quite flexible and realistic, and my this site is very much appreciated by the Chief Uplines and Leaders.


    Its Our Duty To Help And Support You To Be Successful and Fulfill Your Aims & Dreams..


    We are helping each other to pass the journey towards success, YOU can also hold our hand and



    Prepared By:


    Goldmine Interanational Karachi team.


    To Join:



    Free Travel, Explore The World With Goldmine Interantional.

    Travel Plan:

    Gold Travel Plan Commission.

    True to the spirit of networking, GMI obliterates all the boundaries and distances by turning its worthy customer a globetrotter. Not only does GMI gives its precious customers a chance to reinvigorate their lifestyles by making prosperity simplified for them but also provides a chance to see the world as a result of their painstaking efforts.

    Gold Travel Plan has been formulated specifically to reward and motivate customers for their dedicated efforts in making themselves and GMI prosper mutually. For every set of two products redeemed automatically 1L/1R will earn the customer 100 Gold Travel Vouchers (GTV) in their Gold Travel Plan statement. Manually redeemed product by a downliner won’t be accounted for in this case.

    Gold Travel Plan Vouchers are not transferable. Customer that qualify for travel incentives has to avail the opportunity within three months of maturity.

    Customers with one Gold Account would only be allowed to choose one destination, unless they have more Gold Accounts under their own downline.

    Gold Travel Plan Schedule

    Gold Travel Plan


    1000 GTVs

    Middle East

    1500 GTVs

    Far East

    2000 GTVs


    2500 GTVs

    Europe, North America, Australia

    Customers traveling from any country to selected destination where the package cost is higher than the acquired GTVs will have to compensate the balance amount either from their cash statement or through bank draft to GMI.

    GMI will not be held responsible for any illegal action of their customers or any unforeseen incident they face during the course of their stay.

    1.       Trip will include a return air ticket plus 3-5 days hotel accommodation up to the total value of GTVs per eligible participant.

    2.       Associated cost in securing visas will be the responsibility of the participant. The above travel plan is subjected to change time to time as per seasonal fare changes and visa policies of certain countries. GMI in any case would not be responsible for any visa refused from certain Embassies.

    3.       The value of the trip cannot be converted to cash.

    4.       The Gold Travel Vouchers (GTVs) are not transferable.

    5.       Once a customer qualifies to Gold Travel Plan and agrees to upgrade to a higher package, he or she is not allowed to change the decision till he or she qualifies for the new selected package.

    Customers qualifying for the trip will have maximum 3 month from the date of qualification, after which trip would be considered cancelled.

    Greed & Ego In Network Marketing.
    Dear All,
    I am going to tell you "greed and ego." in Network Marketing That gives you another good point to make with your prospect.

    Prospects don't come into this process thinking about "greed & ego". But if they have experience in Network Marketing, there's a good chance they've already run into the problem. It's worthwhile pointing out that the greed & ego of sponsors and/or companies is one of the reasons so many prospects are never successful in network marketing.

    Let them know how important it is to have their radar up and operating sensitively.

    This doesn't mean you search for some Pollyanna who lives their life only for others. Putting yourself first is the natural order.

    What it does mean is that you MUST avoid sponsors whose goal is to be successful no matter who they have to step on. You want someone who is determined to be successful by creating those win-win relationships with others.

    A lot of times, you can actually hear this in their voice and in what they say about the business and about others. One of these clowns once told me that 95% of all prospects were dead wood, and he just kicked them out of the way. Not only was he proud of it, but he thought anyone who didn't do that was a fool. What more could you possibly need to know about this guy?

    So you've got to watch and listen and train yourself to spot "greed & ego" before you join a company where you are smack-dab in the middle of it. Your best bet is definitely to avoid it from the start. Once you are in a group dominated by the greed and/or ego of its leader(s), you are lost. It's a situation you must train yourself to see and walk away from.

    To build your own big income in Network Marketing, the people you sponsor will need a constant stream of hot pr0spects. I can help you do that for them, and for yourself.

    The path to success,

    For more details contact
    GMI Leader

    To Join:
    An exuberant news may be perused at:

    Goldmine International has shifted its Headquarter as per its announcement for convenience of its customers. It has re-located and registered at Northampton UK. The new address of the company is:
    NN4 7BF
    Company No. 07611670

    One can search the registration of the company at the official site of UK:
    Here click: Search for Company Information

    Then Search the registration No: 7611670

    Or directly go to:

    With this shifting at a place that suits the customers; and with the new registration, the company has raised the level of belief of customers to new horizons.

    Let us resolve to fulfill all our dreams with this tested opportunity.

    Best regards
    For more details contact
    GMI Leader

    To Join:

    The Best Goldmine International:


    All dears are you looking for help to begin or improve
    your financial status or earning?

    I know that your search can be overwhelming because there are so many earning systems, schemes, matrix, network business, online program being offered to you every day.

    These may teach you how to use incrase your income...OR they train you to create a residual pay...OR they focus on pay per click advertising...OR their focus is on search engine optimization....etc.

    What if you want to learn to earn huge income with little investment and more and then choose the ones that work best for YOU?

    You can save time and STOP looking and STOP using multiple programs to achieve your goals.

    Simply put, Goldmine International is the undisputed leader in the field with EVERYTHING you need to know in ONE place. As a matter of fact, most of those other systems are merely copycats of what Goldmine Internatinal has been doing all along... and they don't offer everyth, just a piece.


    AND... the successful leaders at GOLDMINE INTERNATINAL are constantly
    upgrading and improving what they offer.
    You can start QUICKLY with no previous experience, because
    the unique idea and system at GOLDMINE INTERNATINAL have made it EASY to get set up.

    The link will take you to a sample of a typical weekly
    GOLDMINE INTERNATINAL leader. By the way, there are minimum earning 30$ upto 450$ daily, 3150$ every
    week, 164250$ yearly that are free explore the world Goldmine Internatinal with your membership. These are in
    addition to all the domestic trainings, archives, offers and bonuses on


    Best regards

    For more details contact
    GMI Leader
    To Join:



    Send Pictures or Call: ALI CHAR CHAUDHARY for more details and updates. Cell: 0092-305-6009877